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Mission In McKee, Kentucky

What is "The Mission in McKee" all about?
Since 2004 the mission in McKee has been about many things. It has been about community. It has been about fellowship. It has been about outreach. But most of all, it has been about being Christ for one another. 

It is easy to see that every man, woman, and child from our parish who has been involved was Christ for the people of McKee and throughout Jackson County.  It is also evident that the people of McKee and Jackson County have been Christ for the people of our parish.


What kinds of jobs are performed on the Mission?

Jobs have been simple.  Jobs have been complex.  They have been indoors as well as outdoors.  They have ranged from jobs as large as building a new front porch on a home, or completely residing a home, to as simple as painting a few rooms in a home, or landscaping the yard of an elderly woman, or painting a fence.  We can use skilled workers as well as anyone who can use a shovel or a paint brush.



Who have participated on the Mission?

On past Missions we have had as few as 30 workers up to as many as 80 workers.  They have ranged in age from 3 to 80+.  They have been men, women, and children.  There have been several families who have spent their summer vacation with us on the mission, serving the people of McKee and Jackson County, while at the same time having fun with other parishioners.

How can I help the Mission?

There are three ways to help out on the annual Mission: 1) Participation, 2) Contribution, and 3) Prayer.

1. You can volunteer to participate on this year's mission.  You can work the entire week or just a few days.  All are welcome.

2. You can contribute to the mission to help us cover the expenses of the work we are doing.  Any amount is helpful.  The more money we have, the more work we can do for the poor in McKee and all of Jackson County.

3. You can pray for the success of the mission, the safety of the workers, and for a more fervent Christian outpouring and generosity to those in need.


When is the 2011 Mission trip?

The 2011 McKee Mission will take place the week of Sunday, June 12 through Friday, June 17.  We can use volunteers for one or two days, or for the entire week

For information about the 2011 McKee Mission trip, or to volunteer, or to find out how to contribute, please contact Jay Thamann at: 859-341-4486 (h), or 859-380-1849 (c), or at



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